Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Frischeparadies, Hermann-Blankenstein-Straße 48, 10249, Berlin, Germany

Talking Fish Part II

Frischeparadies is actually a supermarket for gourmet products and a real sleeper for the perfect bouillabaisse in Berlin.

Served at the open kitchen of the bistro, we got this holiday feeling we're always looking for. Think grilled filet of fish, aromatic soup made of crustacean and champaign mouse on top. And not to forget - home-made rouille. You can choose two sizes: the small one costs 8,50 EUR, the big one 14,50 EUR. Another tip: the small one got the same amount of fish filets, only comes with less soup.

It's the opening hours that make it a little tricky to satisfy your gourmet heart. The bistro is open from Tu-Sat 11:30 a.m. till 4 p.m. and every first Monday of the month, same hours.  

Munch's Hus Bülowstraße 66, 10783 Berlin, Germany

Talking Fish Part I

We were thinking some fish would be good before all this X-Mas feasting and went to Munch's Hus apparently the only Norwegian restaurant within Germany. We were pretty amazed about the cook's inventiveness and the high quality. Unfortunately the pictures didn't come out pretty well, but takes this as invite to try for yourself.

We ordered the Norwegian specialty "Leng" (taste comes close to lobster) with mashed celery potatoes, beet root sticks in beet root sauce and topped by caviar from lumpfish (14,00 EUR). 

… and went for arctic char on roasted parsley root and sliced potatoes on lemon avocado creme (14,50 EUR). Our friends tried roasted elk with mashed celery potatoes and chestnut on a goat cheese-juniper sauce (19,00 EUR) - looking also pretty happy.

The German/Berlin waiters seem maybe a little aloof, but this shouldn't keep you from trying probably one of the best fish restaurants in Berlin.