Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Fischerei Fischerhütte Pfefferkorn, Am Teich 10, 16818 Karwe, Brandenburg, Germany

Finding nice places in Brandenburg is almost impossible. Normally you get small portions of cooked fish drowned in terrible sauces from waiters that serve you with a fake robot-like smile or worse!!! wishing you the plague.

BUT not at this family-run fish restaurant.

The food is honest and simple: huge portions of absolutely fresh fish from the fish pond (see pic) or from the region. 

We had fillets of arctic char with fried potatoes (ca. 15 EUR) a complete arctic char with salad (ca. 14 EUR) and fillet of zander with salad (ca. 14 EUR).

As side dish you can choose either home-made french fries or fried potatoes, which got a vinegar touch.

When you order salad, you might as well get two huge fillets of fish "No one starves to death here, honey". 

The restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday 9 am - 7 pm (April till December).