Montag, 21. April 2014

Marubi Ramen, Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405, Berlin, Germany

There were some openings of new Japanese delis and restaurants throughout Berlin for a few years now - may this be related to Fukushima or not, who cares… While most places offer the typical ramen noodle soup, Marubi's ramen surprised us.

The beef version not only got this strong, wild, beefy taste the moment you had your first spoon full, there was also a crazy taste of sea food coming from a big nori leaf swimming on top. You just can't get a ramen with more ingredients and different flavors tickling you tongue - in this town. 

When you go for lunch menu the ramen comes with either kimchi or sea weed salad all together for 7.20 EUR. 

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

LATA Berlin Has It, Schönhauser Allee, 10-11, 10119 Berlin, Germany

LATA had the chance to become one of the best young Portuguese restaurants in Berlin. But it closed some months ago for "reconstructing work"?! and was never opened again… We keep an eye on it….

LATA, offers young, modern Portuguese kitchen focusing on simple, fresh fish and meat dishes. We were surprised by the diverse lunch menu (dishes varying between 7 and 10 EUR).
So we stayed for lunch and tried fried mackerel with a bowl with beens and rice in a tomato sauce (6.60 EUR) - the coriander inside gave it a very special fresh taste. The steak - fried in garlic and butter served in bread and with homemade french fries topped with sea salt (7,00 EUR) - was of a very good quality and very tender. 

Portuguese restaurants are still rare in Berlin's east, but our hope is that more young Portuguese chefs will follow and offer modern Portuguese kitchen.