Montag, 4. November 2013

Fellas, Stargarder Str. 3, 10437 Berlin, Germany

We're happy to take this cosy restaurant back on our top list (after the owner changed again). Like most restaurants we suggest, Fellas have only a small menu with mostly German/Austrian/Italian dishes.
We went for rump-steak on potato cakes and with a mixed salad and sauce béarnaise (16 EUR) and ...

… deer with chestnuts and juniper gnocchi in a dark-red, buttery, red wine sauce (14 (EUR).

They have also a small but good selection of French wine (0.2 about 5.50 EUR).

Ruben & Carla, (Pastrami & Tagliata), Linienstraße 136, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Home-made, crispy, buttery, fresh. Heaven. And they come with crazy homemade sauces e.g. one was a tarragon sauce we absolutely adored. Maybe these were even the best fries we have ever tried - we know, that this sounds a bit rash, but still...

Unfortunately it was a little too dark for taking good pictures of the perfect, fresh pumpkin and chanterelle salad (6 EUR), the slow cooked deer goulash (17 EUR) and the tender entrecôte from Argentina (21 EUR).

So we only shot the freshly baked warm chocolate cake (yep, it got a hot chocolate filling!!!) which comes with vanilla ice cream (6 EUR). Wow. Forget everything you knew about warm chocolate cakes...