Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Le Saint Amour, Maybachufer 2, 12047 Berlin, Germany

The Le Saint Amour offers honest traditional, regional cooking from Lyon. The owners decided to go without any chi-chi but anyway it was the quality of the food that we found convincing.

As starter we shared a salad with super tender chicken liver (8,00 EUR). 

We went on with codfish with stewed vegetables and potato gratin (12 EUR) and entrecôte with the same side dishes (14,00 EUR).

The restaurant opened 6 months ago, but reservation is already highly recommended on weekends for this small and cosy restaurant.

Das Meisterstück, Hausvogteiplatz 3-4 10117 Berlin, Germany

Good places for lunch/ dinner are rare around Hausvogteiplatz. But it's changing now and at Meisterstück you get a choice of the best roasted sausages in town.

We tried the perfect French Bensers beef blood sausage served on sauerkraut and with onions, croutons and a special home-made apricot-ginger mustard (8.50 EUR)...
 .. and the wildest lamb sausages served together with rosemary roasted potatoes and a home-made mango mustard (13,00 EUR).

It wasn't really necessary, but we also ordered freshly-baked bread with loads of mustard and butter (3,00 EUR). 

Drinks: his time we went for beer, since they got a huge international selection - just to give you an overview: Frank Boon, Rudi Ghequire, Alex de Smet Belgium; Stuard Cail UK; Teo Musso, Italy; Garret Oliver, Matthew Brynildson US...

It's just bread, beer and sausages but it's heaven!!!