Montag, 22. April 2013

Belmondo, Knesebeckstraße 93, 10623 Berlin, Germany

We found good value-for-money at this small and excellent French restaurant. Hopefully French actor Belmondo was as happy as we were, when he visited this place. We ordered four courses of perfect French dishes. By the way, sharing courses is the best way to enjoy high quality food without spending tons of money and a lot of waiters in Berlin are o.k. with it when ordered.

 We started with an authentic onion soup (6,50 EUR), like you find in the market halls of Paris...
 went on with a fish soup (9 EUR) you just can't get better in the South of France. Accompanied with the perfect spicy garlic, rouille and cheese. 

 We continued with salad and super tender calf's liver (16 EUR)... 

 and fresh gilthead seabream (21 EUR).

Ordering 4 courses, together with the okayish house wine (Bordeaux blanc  1/2 litre for 13 EUR), we exceeded the 50 EUR zone. Next time we would be good with only sharing two or three courses with the dishes that big.