Montag, 9. Dezember 2013

Prince, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 9-13, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Honestly, it were these mouth-watering cakes that drew our attention and made us enter the Prince, a new East Asian restaurant in Berlin's Mitte.

While belonging to the popular "transit", Prince offers all sorts of high quality tapas from fried shrimps to perfect fresh dumplings. But it's absolutely worth it to also try the patisserie!!!

The restaurant is open all day and offers Asian tapas from breakfast to dinner  - all very excellent and on a very high level of quality.

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Long March Canteen, Wrangelstr. 20, 10997, Berlin, Germany


Is it Shanghai? Beijing? Hong Kong? No, this is still Berlin, yet look and feel of this lovingly decorated Chinese restaurant carry you off without having to fly and pay a fortune.

Long March Canteen offers excellent and very unique Chinese tapas (prices between 5 and 9 EUR). Go there with lots of friends, for there' re mostly big tables and it's fun to order the complete menu and just share. This way dinner can easily last three hours.

Montag, 4. November 2013

Fellas, Stargarder Str. 3, 10437 Berlin, Germany

We're happy to take this cosy restaurant back on our top list (after the owner changed again). Like most restaurants we suggest, Fellas have only a small menu with mostly German/Austrian/Italian dishes.
We went for rump-steak on potato cakes and with a mixed salad and sauce béarnaise (16 EUR) and ...

… deer with chestnuts and juniper gnocchi in a dark-red, buttery, red wine sauce (14 (EUR).

They have also a small but good selection of French wine (0.2 about 5.50 EUR).

Ruben & Carla, (Pastrami & Tagliata), Linienstraße 136, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Home-made, crispy, buttery, fresh. Heaven. And they come with crazy homemade sauces e.g. one was a tarragon sauce we absolutely adored. Maybe these were even the best fries we have ever tried - we know, that this sounds a bit rash, but still...

Unfortunately it was a little too dark for taking good pictures of the perfect, fresh pumpkin and chanterelle salad (6 EUR), the slow cooked deer goulash (17 EUR) and the tender entrecôte from Argentina (21 EUR).

So we only shot the freshly baked warm chocolate cake (yep, it got a hot chocolate filling!!!) which comes with vanilla ice cream (6 EUR). Wow. Forget everything you knew about warm chocolate cakes...

Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Kyo Grill, Kastanienallee 23, 13158, Berlin, Germany

It's plain grilled fish, seafood and meat they offer at this Japanese grill - yet the way it's done, is rarely to be found in Berlin. It's the sea, sun and holidays you're thinking, while having your first bite of grilled prawn.

We had seaweed as a starter (about 6 Euros)... went on with mixed roasting spits (prawns, lamb, chicken, beef and salmon - each plate comes with four spits, rice and sauces and costs about 7 Euros)...

and finished with chicken skin (it's not on the menu, but when you ask for it the cook is more than happy to prepare it for you!)

Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Altes Europa, Gipsstraße 11, 10119 Berlin, Germany

The Altes Europa, home to writers, musicians and Berlin's vivid art scene offers a small and daily changing menu with simple French, Austrian and German dishes for very good value. Best places are outside - feels like in the middle of a French village.

The other day we were lucky getting the perfect tender, crispy veal schnitzel with the freshest potato salad for about 13,00 EUR. The restaurant got also an excellent variety of French and German wines.

The waiters are sometimes a little rough, but when you can handle it, you're awarded really good food for a small price and extra full glasses of wine.

Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Le Saint Amour, Maybachufer 2, 12047 Berlin, Germany

The Le Saint Amour offers honest traditional, regional cooking from Lyon. The owners decided to go without any chi-chi but anyway it was the quality of the food that we found convincing.

As starter we shared a salad with super tender chicken liver (8,00 EUR). 

We went on with codfish with stewed vegetables and potato gratin (12 EUR) and entrecôte with the same side dishes (14,00 EUR).

The restaurant opened 6 months ago, but reservation is already highly recommended on weekends for this small and cosy restaurant.

Das Meisterstück, Hausvogteiplatz 3-4 10117 Berlin, Germany

Good places for lunch/ dinner are rare around Hausvogteiplatz. But it's changing now and at Meisterstück you get a choice of the best roasted sausages in town.

We tried the perfect French Bensers beef blood sausage served on sauerkraut and with onions, croutons and a special home-made apricot-ginger mustard (8.50 EUR)...
 .. and the wildest lamb sausages served together with rosemary roasted potatoes and a home-made mango mustard (13,00 EUR).

It wasn't really necessary, but we also ordered freshly-baked bread with loads of mustard and butter (3,00 EUR). 

Drinks: his time we went for beer, since they got a huge international selection - just to give you an overview: Frank Boon, Rudi Ghequire, Alex de Smet Belgium; Stuard Cail UK; Teo Musso, Italy; Garret Oliver, Matthew Brynildson US...

It's just bread, beer and sausages but it's heaven!!!

Montag, 22. April 2013

Belmondo, Knesebeckstraße 93, 10623 Berlin, Germany

We found good value-for-money at this small and excellent French restaurant. Hopefully French actor Belmondo was as happy as we were, when he visited this place. We ordered four courses of perfect French dishes. By the way, sharing courses is the best way to enjoy high quality food without spending tons of money and a lot of waiters in Berlin are o.k. with it when ordered.

 We started with an authentic onion soup (6,50 EUR), like you find in the market halls of Paris...
 went on with a fish soup (9 EUR) you just can't get better in the South of France. Accompanied with the perfect spicy garlic, rouille and cheese. 

 We continued with salad and super tender calf's liver (16 EUR)... 

 and fresh gilthead seabream (21 EUR).

Ordering 4 courses, together with the okayish house wine (Bordeaux blanc  1/2 litre for 13 EUR), we exceeded the 50 EUR zone. Next time we would be good with only sharing two or three courses with the dishes that big.