Sonntag, 11. November 2012

3 Minutes sur Mer, Torstraße 167, 10115 Berlin

Unfortunately they got rid of the small portions and yes, it became more expensive, but we still love the quality of 3 Minutes Sure la Mer. This evening my companion and I had a grilled loup der mer with artichoke, peach and tomato brioche in a very light and fruity sauce (small 13,50 EUR, big 17,50); and a tender medium roasted saddle of lamb cauliflower, radish and rosemary jus (small 14,50 EUR, big 19,00), plus very good white wine. A small mixed salad for 2 EUR is served as side dish - yet the most remarkable thing about this salad is that all vegetables, but the green salad, have been grilled and are still warm when served. 

They got an open kitchen and it is pure joy watching the chefs working with high concentration and passion. When the restaurant opened less than a year ago, it'd been easier to get a table in the evenings, now reservation is recommended. 

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