Montag, 26. November 2012

nazuna, Danziger Str 65. 10435 Berlin, Germany

Our favorite BENTO place got closed but... 

at least you can still order the wonderful patisserie 
done by Sven Schuhmacher who appartently also works at Ritz and has worked for chefs like Tim Raue, Sebastian Schmidt und Jörg Lackner via their DaWanda shop @ nazuna.

Go Bento, Stubbenkamer Straße 5 10437 Berlin, Germany

BENTO WEEK part one 

We decided to try out some of the Japanese bento places in Berlin. Go Bento can easily been overlooked cuz it's located in a pretty empty street in otherwise lively Prenzlberg. They serve daily changing bento boxes for 10 EUR. Each box is accompanied by some small Japanese side dishes. But actually it's not  only Japanese, the owner mixes all kinds of Asian food he kinda favors himself. In our bento box we found: rice balls with grilled chicken on some kind of a barbecue sauce and wasabi, and with fried shrimps with the same sauce and cream; plus pastry filled with onion and carrots; plus spicy home made pickled cabbage.

Enjoying the dessert between the courses - it was just too delicious: a roll made from rice starch and filled with red beens and green tea powder on top.  

We were not really filled up having finished the box but luckily we got more: fried shrimps in chili oil and a spicy tatar from tuna with speckles of the same chili oil.

The team only prepares 40 dishes a day. That means it is all fresh and when they are sold out, they are sold out. No matter if you are Barack Obama, Claudia Schiffer or a neighbor from across the street - for no money in the world would buy you another bento box. The owner said they are working on it but we think they should continue this concept. They're open Wed-Sun 17:00 - 22:00 (or when the food is out)

Oh and keep in mind that they only serve free hot tea. So it's okay when you bring your own drinks from the "Späti" across the street. 

Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Les Valseuses, Eberswalder Straße 28, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Les Valseuses, named after the French movie with Gérard Depardieu und Patrick Dewaere (1974) also translates as balls and the cooks there really got the rock n'roll - not only because some of the guys are also musicians... You can actually watch them work wonders in the open-plan kitchen situated right at the entrance. 

We recommend the starters (between 7 and 11 EUR) and the fish courses (around 13 EUR. With meat you can sometimes be a bit unfortunate and get a tough piece of meat. But still, they offer pretty good quality for small prices. 

Montag, 19. November 2012

Lokal, Linienstraße 160, 10115 Berlin, Germany

The interior is rather puristic at the same time the Lokal bears a resemblance to a cosy Austrian ski lodge. They serve fine new regional and German food. Meat and vegetables come from nearby farms.

While we waited for our meals the waiter brought us two different kinds of bread along with a fresh herb butter in a small glass jar (all home made).

When one of the the young cooks served us a perfect super tender saddle of venison on red cabbage, turnip, slices apple and potato chips (22 EUR) and a perfect entrecôte accompanied with smoked shallots, red beet and chard (23 EUR) we were perfectly happy.

With wine we got over the 50 EUR target. Yet it was well worth every cent.

Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Mozarella Bar Bottega a Contadino Sotto Le Stelle, Auguststraße 34, 10119 Berlin, Germany

First we found the idea of mixing mozzarella with anchovies quite odd, but the very strong taste of this r e a l buffalo mozzarella - unlike the gum-like, flavorless kind you get in Berlin supermarkets - goes pretty well with the salty anchovies and fresh slices of peach. 

We were not very hungry and went only for a small choice of buffalo mozzarella and a small but very fresh spinach salad with goat cheese and fresh bread. The dishes are small for the price but that is fully compensated by the quality and freshness of the products. We paid under 30 EUR for both dishes plus house wine and left happy and wit
h the knowledge of how a perfect mozzarella should taste like.

3 Minutes sur Mer, Torstraße 167, 10115 Berlin

Unfortunately they got rid of the small portions and yes, it became more expensive, but we still love the quality of 3 Minutes Sure la Mer. This evening my companion and I had a grilled loup der mer with artichoke, peach and tomato brioche in a very light and fruity sauce (small 13,50 EUR, big 17,50); and a tender medium roasted saddle of lamb cauliflower, radish and rosemary jus (small 14,50 EUR, big 19,00), plus very good white wine. A small mixed salad for 2 EUR is served as side dish - yet the most remarkable thing about this salad is that all vegetables, but the green salad, have been grilled and are still warm when served. 

They got an open kitchen and it is pure joy watching the chefs working with high concentration and passion. When the restaurant opened less than a year ago, it'd been easier to get a table in the evenings, now reservation is recommended. 

Le Café de Turin, 5 Place Garibaldi 06300 Nice, France

Most people come here to enjoy fresh oysters from noon to midnight at this historic and very down-to earth place. This time we went for the cold fresh spiny lobster (langouste) with bread and special homemade sea salt butter, house wine (dry and white) and fresh cold shrimp salad - all under 50 EUR!!!